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November 4, 2014

What people are saying about the improvements to the Caregiver Program

Chantal Desloges, Immigration Lawyer, Toronto:

“The biggest one of course is that they?re removing the requirement that caregivers have to live in the home with their employer in order to qualify, which is? it?s an enormous change and it?s going to be very, very beneficial for the caregivers.?

Judith Gonzales, Former Caregiver, Caregivers Advocate, Vice President Corporate Marketing, Canadian International Career College, Toronto:

“The enhanced caregiver program will definitely minimize vulnerabilities; the quicker process of permanent residency application will eliminate backlogs and definitely will shorten the waiting time for reunification.?

Richard Kurland, Immigration Lawyer, Vancouver:

“Under new rules, foreign caregivers and their own families all get permanent resident visas in about six months. And, caregivers are no longer required to live in the employer?s home. They have been given the freedom to choose where they want to live. More freedom, faster visas.? LCP is fixed.?

Erlinda Insigne, President, Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughan:

“The immigration reforms to the Caregiver Program is definitely welcome news to the Filipino Caregivers who constitute a majority of caregivers in Canada. The ending of the live-in requirement will surely terminate the long working hours of caregivers and end the susceptibility of being abused by employers.?

Jeannette Rosales, Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Toronto:

“It?s giving the caregivers some clarity in their current situation. There is less anxiety about what?s going to happen. Most importantly, it?s giving the caregivers hope!?

Terry Olayta, Coordinator, First Ontario Alliance of Caregivers Canada (FOACC), Toronto:

“It?s a celebration of thanks. The government has met the needs of the caregivers. In addition, the enhanced program will give more opportunities to better careers.?

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