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May 14, 2024

Canada Introduces New Policy to Support Hong Kong Nationals Awaiting Permanent Residence

Canada Bolsters Support for Hong Kong Nationals with New Immigration Policy

Canada has announced a temporary public policy to assist Hong Kong residents already in Canada, further strengthening its commitment as a haven of opportunity and stability. This policy, unveiled on May 7, 2024, is designed to ease the transition for Hong Kong nationals on their path to permanent residence.

Enhanced Opportunities Starting May 27, 2024: Eligible Hong Kong nationals who have applied for permanent residence and hold valid Canadian work or study permits can secure open work permits. This initiative addresses the growing processing delays and ensures no disruption to their status in Canada.

Policy Benefits:

  • Extended Validity: The policy will be effective for five years, providing long-term support.
  • Maintained Legal Status: Applicants with pending extension applications will continue to enjoy legal status under ‘maintained status’.
  • Status Restoration: Applicants can restore their status if their temporary permits expired within the last 90 days, ensuring continuity of their stay.

This policy not only simplifies the immigration process but also demonstrates Canada’s strategic commitment to supporting Hong Kong residents amidst global political shifts. It reinforces Canada’s role in fostering economic growth and cultural diversity, aligning with the broader Indo-Pacific Strategy to enhance regional stability and development.

Seize the Opportunity for a New Beginning We invite Hong Kong residents to take advantage of this new policy to secure a stable and promising future in Canada. This initiative opens doors to not just legal residency but also to becoming part of Canada’s vibrant, multicultural community.

If you’re from Hong Kong and seeking to extend your stay, this policy is your pathway to continued safety and prosperity in Canada. Reach out today to learn more about how you can benefit from this new opportunity!

Read More about this great opportunity on the Government Of Canada’s Website

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