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Do you want to enter Canada as a student, worker, or visitor, but can’t because you are inadmissible? For example, you have a criminal record or a medical condition that renders you inadmissible. To be able to enter or stay in Canada despite your inadmissibility, you will need a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP).

Canadian Temporary Residence Permit


When applying for a TRP, you must prove that your reason for wanting to enter or remain in Canada is justified in the circumstances and that you are not a risk to Canadians.

Note: Once issued, a TRP may be cancelled by an immigration officer at any time. A TRP is no longer valid once you leave Canada, unless you have specifically been authorized to leave and re-enter.


TRP applications are challenging because immigration officers deciding whether to approve or refuse them have a great deal of discretion.  That is, they have a lot of freedom to decide whether or not granting you a TRP is justified in the circumstances.

Eastman Law Office has had much success in having TRP applications approved for our clients.

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