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May 12, 2015

Philippines Top source country for permanent residents to Canada in 2014

May 8, 2015


Canada welcomed more than 40,000 permanent residents from the Philippines in 2014—up over 30 percent from 2013, making the Philippines Canada’s top source country for permanent residents last year.

During the state visit to Canada by Benigno Aquino III, President of the Philippines, from May 7–9, 2015, Prime Minister Stephen Harper paid tribute to Canada’s strong people-to-people ties with the Philippines.

Canada also issued nearly 47,000 visitor visas to Filipinos in 2014. This figure represents a 56 percent increase since 2006.

Immigration is a key element of Canadian culture. Since 2010, Canada has welcomed an average of more than 260,000 permanent residents each year. The Filipino community makes up a large part of our overall immigration and the government celebrates the many contributions that Filipino Canadians make to Canada.

Quick facts

  • Over 700,000 Canadian residents can trace their ancestry back to the Philippines, and a growing number of Filipino citizens visit family and friends in Canada, study at Canadian colleges and universities, or immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.
  • Since 2006, Canada has enjoyed its highest-ever sustained levels of immigration.


“Canada benefited from robust immigration from the Philippines in 2014. Students and permanent residents from around the world as well as visitors continue to strengthen Canada’s economy and communities.” ”

Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister

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