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If a negative decision has been made in your immigration matter either in Canada or outside Canada, you may have grounds to for an immigration appeal process through the Immigration Appeal Division or the Federal Court of Canada, depending on the nature of the decision.

Immigration Appeal Process

A visa officer may have refused your visa application or the Immigration Division may have issued a removal order against you. Whatever the negative decision, it can be appealed.

Many decisions made by Immigration officers, visa officers, and immigration tribunals are not made in accordance with the law and when appealed are overturned. You have legal rights. A good advocate can help protect those rights with a proper and knowledgeable immigration appeal process.

Jeremiah Eastman has handled hundreds of appeals both representing Citizenship and Immigration and Canada Border Services Agency and now representing people like you who have just received a negative decision in your immigration matter. Mr. Eastman will provide you with expert and honest advice on whether there are grounds in respect of your immigration matter to appeal or not.

Some of the many cases Mr. Eastman has argued are listed on our website. We invite you to review them.

Immigration Lawyer working on your behalf for a successful immigration appeal process

While no lawyer or immigration consultant can guarantee that your appeal will succeed, you can retain Mr. Eastman with confidence knowing that he has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your appeal has the maximum possibility of succeeding.

Be aware that you only have a limited amount of time to appeal the negative decision made in your immigration matter. If your appeal is to the Immigration Appeal Division, then you only have 30 or 60 days to appeal, depending on the type of decision.

If your appeal is to the Federal Court of Canada, which is technically called an Application for Leave and Judicial Review, you only have 15 or 60 days to appeal, depending again on the type of decision.

So call Eastman Law Office right away at (905) 451-1550 or e-mail us at to have Mr. Eastman assess whether or not you have grounds to begin the appeal process in regards to the negative decision made in your immigration matter. He has handled both complex and regular appeals, so call today and begin the appeal process.

Government of Canada - Immigration Appeal Division

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