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Canada Spousal Sponsorship

Canada Spousal SponsorshipThe Canada spousal sponsorship program can help your spouse immigrate to Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has a foreign national spouse by marriage or by common-law or a foreign national conjugal partner, you can sponsor your spouse or partner to become a Canadian permanent resident. 

Submitting a successful Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Application is all in the detail and the knowing how to persuasively present the genuineness of your relationship to a visa officer.  Eastman Law Office is thorough, and yet fast  in its preparation and submission of Spousal Sponsorship Applications.  We know how important the application is to you and your spouse or partner and accordingly bring due care to the management of it.

Once your Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Application has been submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada Eastman Law Office handles all correspondence and communication with the visa office concerning your application until a final determination is made by an officer.  All letters and e-mails from the visa office will be sent to our office so you don't have to worry about missing any. 

Should any issue arise during the course of the processing of your application at the visa office our law office will take care of it after consulting with you.

If you wish to sponsor your spouse or partner, please call Eastman Law Office at (905) 451-1550 for a consultation or e-mail us at Our law office has helped many a Canadian successfully sponsor their spouse or partner for permanent residence.  We will represent you through the entire application process.

Note: As of April 28, 2017 sponsored spouses or partners will no longer be subject to a two year period of conditional permanent resident status, instead they will have full permanent resident status upon landing."

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