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Canadian Express Entry LawyerThe  Express Entry is the principal and fastest way for foreign nationals to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Canada - Express Entry: How It Works

Express Entry will work in 2 steps:

1. Express Entry Profile

To begin the application process, foreign nationals must create an Express Entry Profile by providing information electronically through an online Express Entry Profile.  This information includes their job skills, work experience, English/French language ability, education, age and offer of employment by a Canadian employer, if applicable.  The foreign national is given points for each of these factors.

Their online profile will then be placed in the Express Entry cyber pool of candidates.

If the foreign national does not already have an offer of employment in Canada, he or she will be required to register with Canada's job bank which will help them to connect with Canadian employers.

2. Invitation to Apply

Once the profile has been created in the EE system, the foreign national is ready for selection by the Minister of IRCC.

Every few weeks the Minister selects foreign nationals from the EE profile pod to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence by sending them an Invitation to Apply.  These rounds of selections are based entirely on EE profile points.  The Minister will determine before each selection round what will be the minimum number of points a foreign national needs to be selected.

Processing Time

Who Can Apply

Only foreign nationals with at least one year full time paid employment (or two years part-time) are eligible to create an Express Entry profile.

CIC aims to cut back the time it takes to process applications in the Federal Economic Programs through Express Entry.

Immigration candidates who have successfully been Invited to Apply for permanent residency will have 90 days to do so upon receiving their invitation. IRCC aims to processes all Permanent Resident Applications within 6 months from the date of their submission.

If the application is approved, candidates and their spouse and children, if applicable, will then become permanent residents of Canada.

If candidates in the pool do not receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency within 12 months, their EE profile will automatically expire.  Then a new Express Entry profile will need to be created.

Preparing for Express Entry

Contact ELO today for a free pre-assessment of how many EE profile points you may be given if you create a profile.  If your points are high enough ELO can create your EE profile for you.  If your points are not high enough, ELO will provide you with your options for increasing your EE points.

If you receive an Invitation to Apply, Eastman Law Office will then professionally prepare and submit your permanent application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for processing.

 After submission of your application, Eastman Law Office continues to be your legal representative with Citizenship and Immigration Canada right up until a final determination has been made by the visa office on your FSW permanent resident application.

Please contact us or call Eastman Law Office at (905) 451-1550 to begin applying for Canadian Permanent Residence.

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